Car Club Display Package

Take advantage of our special Car Club Display packages, exclusive to registered clubs

If you are a member of a car club registered to join us next summer* you can take advantage of our exclusive car club display packages.

Each package includes TWO adult general admission tickets to the Classic and one infield vehicle display pass, providing you with the opportunity to display your car and mix with like-minded enthusiasts at the heart of the event, while taking advantage of all that the event has to offer.

A list of all clubs that were registered for 2020 is detailed here.

When we launch ticket sales for the 2021 event, your club will be able to provide you with details of your club’s unique booking code which you’ll need when booking a package. Once you have your code, you can go ahead and book your tickets.

You also have the option to add extras to your booking such as upgrading to Hospitality, taking part in the RetroRun, Staying Over for the weekend etc. when booking your package.

If after booking your car club display package the vehicle you are bringing to the Classic has changed (but still represents the same club you originally planned to attend with) you'll need to complete our Vehicle Registration Change Form.

Club not registered?

*If your club isn't registered, fear not! Please just ask your club co-ordinator to contact us to discuss registration: telephone +44 (0) 1483 524 424 or email [email protected], or ask them to fill out the online registration form here.

If you’re not a member of a club but are interested in bringing along your classic car or car of special interest to display at the event, please contact us to discuss the options in further detail: telephone  +44 (0) 1483 524 424 or email [email protected].

Rocking & Racing

Live music line-up on Friday and Saturday evenings included  with all tickets