Multicar Preparers Booking Form

At the Classic, each grid is allocated a number of pit garages for race cars to be run from but, if you are preparing multiple cars at the Silverstone Classic and prefer to use a truck and awning to prepare your cars from, then you can apply for ‘Multicar Preparer’ space in the paddocks.

Pre-booked Multicar Preparers will be allocated a plot in the relevant paddock or support paddock on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 July under the direction of the Paddock Manager and his team.

Access for Multicar Preparer set up will be during the following hours:

  • Wednesday 24 July: 12:00-21:00
  • Thursday 25 July: 07:30–21:00

Driver or Team wristbands are required for entry to the venue every day from Wednesday to Sunday. If you are arriving before any of the competitors whose cars you are preparing, then they will need to have sent you your Team wristbands pre-event or you won’t be able to enter the venue.

Any team mechanics arriving without a wristband, including on set up days, will be asked to pay for one in Car Park 50A on arrival before being allowed access to the site. The price per wristband is £120 inc VAT.

As usual, vehicle passes will be issued on arrival and are limited to the space available in each paddock and support paddock area. Pre-booking does not guarantee a space. Multicar Preparers will be directed to arrive and queue up in Car Park 50A via Entrance 10 off the Dadford Road (see map). From there each preparer will be escorted from 12:00 onwards on Wednesday by the Silverstone Classic Paddock Management Team to either the National or International Paddock. Transporters complete with awnings will be designated a space in the relevant paddock or support paddock and an “officially parked” pass will be issued. All trailers, transporters and other trucks not in use during the weekend must be parked in Competitor Trailer Parking. Please note, motorhomes are not permitted in either paddock.


Barbecues and/or open fires are NOT permitted in the pit garages, paddocks and supports paddocks. This is in the interests of safety given the large amount of fuel in use in the pits and paddock areas. If cooking facilities are found they will be extinguished and the multicar preparer responsible and their competitor may be ejected from the event and the competitor may be disqualified from competing. 

New to 2019, there will be a designated cooking area for multicar preparers and competitors to use. Further information will be provided closer to the event.

Multicar Preparer Booking Form and Health and Safety Checklist

Please complete the below form by Friday 21 June in order for access to be granted to the Silverstone Classic for your multicar preparer team.

Please note, there is also a second page to this form relating to health and safety with questions about structures (e.g. awning, gazebo etc.) you may be intending to put up and any fuel or fire extinguishers you will bring to site. Your Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment and Method Statement will need to be uploaded. Please have this information to hand before filling out the form. 

Useful documents to support your H&S application: Risk Assessment Template and Checklist for Temporary Structures.

* Denotes a mandatory field.

Access for set up is between 12:00 and 21:00 on Wednesday 24 July and between 07:30 and 21:00 on Thursday 25 July. On arrival at the circuit multicar preparers will be asked to form an orderly queue in Car Park 50A before being escorted to the relevant paddock area. Please note that pit garages are not available until 19:00 on Wednesday 24 July.
Car 1
Car 2
Car 3
Car 4
Car 5
Car 6
Car 7
Car 8
Car 9
Car 10

Please note that each race car should be based in the paddock that its grid is operating from.

Click here to view which grids are in each paddock

Preparer Vehicle 1
Preparer Vehicle 2
Preparer Vehicle 3

If you have another vehicle (containing tools, spares etc.) that requires periodic access to the paddock, a pass will be issued for this on arrival at the discretion of the organiser. This pass will allow access to the support paddock and the ability to come and go each day. Temporary access to the main paddock in this vehicle is then by permission of the paddock management team.

Service Vehicle 1
Service Vehicle 2
Service Vehicle 3
Please note that if you arrive without a wristband you will be charged £120 including VAT per person. You will not be able to gain access to the site without paying at the Ticket Collection Office. Cash and credit/debit cards will be accepted. A VAT invoice will be made available to you if required. If your wristband is with your competitor inside the circuit, then you will still be required to pay for your wristband prior to entering the circuit, but a refund can be obtained if you return an unworn wristband to the Ticket Collection Office.
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Please note that the form may take a few minutes to submit after you have pressed the 'Next' button. If you are in any doubt, scroll back up the form to see if you have missed a mandatory field - this will be indicated by a message in red text. If not, please bear with us as it will continue to the next page very soon.

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