Event Media Accreditation

Media accreditation for the 2020 Silverstone Classic is now open. If you're a member of the press, we do hope that you'll join us for our 30th anniversary this year. 

If you need any editorial support, help with setting-up interviews, or have any specific requirements and can't find what you need, please email us or call Jonathan Gill on:  01372 414120 or 07860 563000. We are always pleased to provide you with images, video and press releases as they relate to the Silverstone Classic. 

Please complete the form below in order to apply for accreditation for the main event:

This is required for anyone being issued with a media tabard and must be for a minimum of £5m. File types we can accept are txt, csv, png, gif, jpg, svg, eps, rtf, xml and pdf files.
You should also include here details of preview coverage of this year’s event achieved to date, and/ or proof of confirmed coverage planned for 2020 e.g. links to online content, details of articles appearing in print, and/ or commissioned assignments
File types we can accept are txt, csv, png, gif, jpg, svg, eps, rtf, xml and pdf files.
As part of our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation, we promise not to share your details with third parties for marketing purposes. You may choose to unsubscribe from our press releases at any time.

If you're interested in joining us for our Preview Day on the 29 April, please accredit here.

Media with their own classic car (pre 2000 and/ or of special interest) and wishing to join the Car Club infield displays are advised to contact the relevant club to request their permission. Any requests should be copied to [email protected]. If the Club provides its permission, an infield pass may be issued at the organiser's discretion. 

Rocking & Racing

Live music line-up on Friday and Saturday evenings included  with all tickets

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