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Security Measures

The safety and security of everyone at the Silverstone Classic is of paramount importance to us.  We work continually with the circuit, police and other relevant authorities to reduce risk, taking action to put additional measures in place where needed. Although the national threat level has been raised for some time, there is no known specific threat to our event to cause public concern, please do not to be alarmed although it’s important to be alert and notify staff of anything suspicious.

There is a search regime at entrances and you may notice a uniformed police presence throughout the site and the vicinity. It is inevitable that this may impact on entry times. Please be prepared for this and allow sufficient time.

You can help a great deal by not bringing unnecessary bags, and having your bags ready to be searched as you approach the gates.  For any bags you do bring in, please keep them with you at all times.

Please also ensure that, whether you’re parking in our public parking or a car club member bringing your car infield, you should ensure that your car is kept locked at all times and – in particular - please do not leave your car running, with the keys in the ignition at any time when your vehicle is unattended.

We ask for your understanding, patience and cooperation with us and that you also inform others in your group of this update.

We also ask for your vigilance on matters of security. If you see or hear anything that looks out of place or concerns you, please bring it immediately to the attention of our stewards.

As a final point, please don't drink and drive. In addition to it being against the law, there is no need as there are infield buses that run into the evenings on Friday and Saturday. So if you plan to drink, do not drive.

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