Formula Junior

The brainchild of Italian Count ‘Johnny’ Lurani, Formula Junior was introduced in 1958 as an affordable stepping-stone for young drivers with their sights set on reaching Formula 1. The concept of a small, single-seater chassis powered by a 1.0 or 1.1-litre production engine became an instant hit, with hundreds and hundreds of cars competing all over the planet.

At first, these were typically front-engined, space-frame machines but, shadowing the evolution of F1 design, they quickly progressed to stiffer monocoque designs with engines mounted behind the driver.  

Formula Junior celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a massive World Tour that kicked-off in South Africa in January 2016 and concluded with the ninth and final sector at the Classic in 2018. The grid took a break in 2019 but is back in force in 2020 with a full entry being confirmed less than two weeks after entries were opened!

Cars you can expect to see racing out on track include: Alexis Mk 2, Brabham, Cooper, Elva, Emeryson FJ, Envoy, De Tomaso, Gemini MK 2, Lotus 20 & 22, and Wainer 63.

More information on eligibility and 2020 regulations can be found on the Historic Formula Junior website:





Rocking & Racing

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