HSCC Classic Formula 3 (’71-’84)

The HSCC-managed Classic F3 Championship is targeting a massive 40 car field with competitors from the popular French Formula 3 invited too.
Entries will cover Formula 3 cars originally built and raced between 1971 and 1984 thus covering two eras with earlier 1600cc twin-cam cars joined by the later 2-litre cars that were introduced in 1974. Furthering the interest and spectacle, grids are expected to include genuine period cars as raced by drivers like Martin Brundle, Derek Warwick and Nelson Piquet on their respective ways to the top.

The championship also has classes for Formula Ford 2000s and water-cooled Formula Super Vees. The HSCC CF3 Championship is open to genuine Formula 3 racing cars originally built and raced between 1/1/71 and 31/12/84. Cars may use 2-litre or 1600cc engines used in period, fitted with air restrictors. Only very minor alterations from original specifications are permitted. All cars use the same type and compound of Avon control tyres. There are also invitation classes open to Formula Ford 2000 cars built prior to 31/12/83 and Formula Super Vee cars with water cooled engines built prior to 31st December 1980 All cars must have current FIA or HSCC Vehicle Identification Forms.

More information can be found on the HSCC website: https://hscc.org.uk/

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