World Championship Celebration Trophy for Historic Grand Prix Cars Presented By Adrian Flux (HGPCA)

There was a time in Formula 1 when national pride and colours defined the appearance of racing cars, not sponsorship deals worth tens of millions of pounds – this is the glamour period of 50’s and 60’s Grand Prix cars that the HGPCA celebrates.

The HGPCA story revisits the great rivalries of five decades, spanning artisan-crafted two-seater Bugattis of the 1920s to the exquisite 1.5-litre ‘cigar tubes’ of 1961-’65. It also replays the inter-marque battles between cars with supercharged and naturally-aspirated engines at the birth of the Formula One World Championship in 1950, and its subsequent 2.5-litre era which saw the naissance of new-fangled chassis with engines behind their drivers - an advance pioneered by Auto Union pre-war.

In celebrating history and technical innovation, and educating new generations of motor racing fans about the past, the HGPCA also focus on the heroic driving of William Grover Williams, Tazio Nuvolari, Giuseppe Farina, Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Mike Hawthorn, Jack Brabham, the Hills (Phil and Graham), Jim Clark and John Surtees in Grands Prix often fought out over three hours.

Cars that compete at the Silverstone Classic must have been of the type that competed in Grand Epreuve races - pre-1961 front-engine cars and pre-1966 rear engine cars - before aerodynamics when grip, lightness and drivers skills were essentials.

Cars you can expect to see racing out on track include: Alta, Aston Martin, Brabham, Cooper, Cooper Bristol, Ferrari, Kurtis, Lotus, Maserati, Scarab and Scirocco.

There are two HGPCA races over the weekend at the Silverstone Classic.

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