Silverstone Woodlands - Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions must be observed in conjunction with the General Terms & Conditions.


Silverstone Woodlands Campsite is the official campsite of the Silverstone Classic, but it is operated by an independent organisation, Silverstone Woodlands Campsite. Classic Historic Racing Limited, the Event Organiser, operate as a reseller of camping only and are not responsible for the Campsite nor do they have any jurisdiction over it.


1.1. “Campers” means any person camping at Silverstone Woodlands Campsite located at Silverstone Road, Stowe, Bucks, MK18 5LJ.

1.2. “Campsite” means Silverstone Woodlands Campsite located at Silverstone Road, Stowe, Bucks, MK18 5LJ.

1.3. “Website” means this website ( through which the Event Organiser conducts its business of organising the Silverstone Classic.


2.1. Camping tickets can be purchased via this Website.

2.2. Subject to availability camping may be purchased on the Campsite gate. Card payments are not accepted at the Campsite entrance. If camping tickets have not been purchased in advance, to help speed up the arrival process, please be sure to have any cash needed to pay with at the Campsite entrance. Payment will only be accepted in GBP Sterling.

2.3. A camping ticket is priced per person NOT per pitch.

2.4. A camping ticket includes entry to the Campsite from Thursday 25 July 2019 at 09:00 until Monday 29 July 2019 at 12:00 (midday) at which time the site must be vacated.

2.5. Camping tickets will be scanned on arrival at the Campsite and exchanged for a wristband. The wristband must be kept intact for the duration of the event. If the wristband is lost or it detaches from the Camper, entry and re-entry to the Campsite will be refused.

2.6. All Campsite ticket bookings are subject to the Silverstone Classic’s General Terms & Conditions available on this Website.


3.1. The Campsite is located at the following address: Silverstone Woodlands, Silverstone Road, Stowe, Bucks, MK18 5LJ.


4.1. The Campsite opens at 09:00 on Thursday 25 July. Final closure will be at 12:00 (midday) on Monday 29 July at which time the Campsite must be vacated.

4.2. The Campsite entry gates open at the times listed in this clause. Access to the Campsite may not be gained outside of these times:

  • Thursday: 09:00 until 23:00
  • Friday: 08:00 until 23:00
  • Saturday: 08:00 until 23:00
  • Sunday: 08:00 until 23:00

4.3. If a Camper arrives outside of the access times specified in clause 4.2 the Camper will not be permitted access to the Campsite and will be required to park in the free public car parks outside the Silverstone Circuit until the next available Campsite opening time. Camper’s park their vehicle(s) in any of the free public car parks at their own risk. Neither Silverstone Woodlands Campsite, Classic Historic Racing Limited nor Silverstone Circuits Limited accept liability for any damage, theft or loss to the Camper’s vehicle(s).


5.1. Pitches cannot be reserved or booked. Pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis.

5.2. If weather conditions permit Campers will be able to park on their pitch. In the instance of inclement weather Campers may need to park their cars on hard standing ground. This may be in one of the free public car parks outside the Silverstone Circuit.

5.3. If an electrical hook-up pitch has been purchased by a Camper then depending on the pitch size bought (standard: 7x8m or large: 6x12m) the Camper’s vehicle(s) must fit within the purchased pitch size. If the Camper’s vehicle(s) do not fit within this pitch size then they will need to be parked at the nearest available car parking area as directed by the stewards.

5.4. If the Camper is bringing a motorhome/caravan and does NOT require an electrical hook-up then additional car(s) can park next to the motorhome/caravan.

5.5. All Campers must pitch as directed, not encroach on any other pitches and consider fire risk limitation, safety and access. If the pitch is judged to pose a risk to the safety and comfort of others the Camper(s) will be asked to move.

5.6. Campers should be courteous with their pitching and only take up the space needed.

5.7. Campers must not camp under powerlines. In this instance Campers will be asked to move to a different location.

5.8. Gazebos are permitted on the pitch. In the event of inclement weather the Camper may be asked to dismantle the gazebo irrespective of the size or quality. Erecting gazebos is done so at the gazebo owner’s risk. Any damage caused by them is the sole responsibility of the gazebos owner.

5.9. A pitch may only be occupied for recreational purposes and may not be used for any commercial purpose.

5.10. The power for electric hook-up pitches is generated onsite by diesel-electric generators and a temporary distribution infrastructure. Due to the temporary nature of this infrastructure, Silverstone Woodlands Campsite cannot guarantee the continuous supply of power in the event of technical issues or breakdown of this equipment.


6.1. A ‘Disabled Area: Weekend Adult Camping’ ticket must be purchased from this Website to make use of the disabled camping area.

6.2. The facilities provided in the Campsite disabled camping area are strictly for Blue Badge holders only. A Blue Badge will need to be displayed for access to be granted to the Disabled Area.


7.1. All Campsite roads are classed as public roads, as such they fall under the various Road Traffic Acts which could lead to prosecutions for driving offences in the event of an incident.

7.2. DO NOT drink and drive.

7.3. Campers must comply with the speed limit of 10MPH within all areas of the Campsite. This include bicycles and other wheeled conveyances.

7.4. Drivers must hold a valid driving licence.

7.5. Vehicles must have tax, insurance and MOT as appropriate.

7.6. Monkey bikes, mini moto, pit bikes, scooters and quads are strictly prohibited.

7.7. The Campsite roads must be kept clear at all times. Any vehicles blocking roads will be removed. Emergency vehicles may need access to these roads.

7.8. Camper’s park their vehicle(s) on the Campsite grounds at their own risk. Silverstone Woodlands Campsite accept no liability for any damage, theft or loss to the Camper’s vehicle(s).

7.9. The Campsite reserves the right to search any/all vehicles and/or persons on arrival.


8.1. The following items are NOT permitted on the Campsite. Any person found with any of these prohibited items may have the item(s) removed by a member of the Campsite staff:

  • Campfires, firewood and fire starters
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Drones
  • Fireworks
  • Gas cylinders exceeding 15kg
  • Generators
  • Glass. All liquids must be decanted into plastic containers before arrival. All glass bottles will be removed and disposed of by Campsite staff on arrival
  • Kites
  • Offensive weapons
  • Paddling pools
  • Pets (save for assistance dogs)
  • Radio controlled aircrafts
  • Restricted and illegal substances
  • Sound systems capable of creating excessive noise
  • Spas
  • Any and all items that are deemed dangerous, offensive or unsuitable for the safe environment of the Campsite

8.2. Admission will be refused to anyone carrying prohibited items, regardless of the tickets carried by the persons concerned and without refund.


9.1. The Campsite reserves the right to refuse permission of entry or re-entry to any person(s).

9.2. There must be no trading/flyering/placing of posters/stickers without prior written consent from the Campsite.

9.3. Campers must comply with all reasonable directions and requirements of the Campsite staff.

9.4. The Campsite reserves the right to judge acceptable levels of noise or behaviour and Campers must ensure compliance with the Campsite’s directions on these matters. The Campsite reserves the right to exclude or eject any person from the Campsite if it reasonably considers the behaviour of such person to be objectionable, a risk to health and safety or likely to cause any damage or bring the Campsite into disrepute. In this case, no refunds shall be given and the Camper who booked shall indemnify the Campsite against all and any losses, costs, damages, liabilities, claims, demands and expenses suffered or incurred by the Campsite arising out of any exclusion, ejection, or termination under this clause.

9.5. Campers must remove all items from their pitch and dispose of any rubbish in the designated waste disposal areas.

9.6. Campers may use BBQs provided that:

  • Disposable BBQs are placed on bricks
  • BBQs are kept within the boundaries of the Camper’s pitch
  • Use of BBQs do not cause any inconvenience to other Campers
  • Hot coals are cooled before disposal and are placed in designated waste disposal areas

9.7. Campers must not use camping stoves or BBQs inside their tent, awning or vehicle.

9.8. Campers must not use spent BBQs or cooking equipment inside their tent, awning or vehicle for warmth.

9.9. Campers must not carry tall flag poles whilst walking in the proximity of power lines.

9.10. Campers must only drink water from the designated water points.

9.11. Cutting or damaging trees and other vegetation is strictly prohibited and the natural conditions of the Campsite are not to be disturbed. This includes tying ropes to, or driving nails into trees.

9.12. Anyone under the age of 18 must be properly supervised at all times.

9.13. Failure to comply with any of the rules and regulations or behaving in a manner which is deemed unsociable or potentially dangerous will result in the Camper being ejected from the Campsite without refund.


10.1. All property and items brought into the Campsite by any Camper shall be the sole responsibility of and at the sole risk of the Camper. The Campsite will not be liable for any loss or damage to any property including, motor vehicles and personal effects, howsoever caused or sustained.

10.2. The Campsite shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage suffered by the Camper or occupants of the pitch however that liability arises, including without limitation breach of contract, tort (including negligence), misrepresentation or breach of statutory duty provided that liability for death or personal injury resulting from the Campsite’s negligence shall not be excluded.

10.3. If there is a problem or dissatisfaction with any matters under the Campsite’s control, the Camper should notify the Campsite immediately, so they may have the opportunity to rectify issues. The Campsite cannot accept liability in relation to any claim of whatever nature if the Camper fails to notify the Campsite prior to leaving the Campsite.


11.1 The Silverstone Woodlands Campsite Terms & Conditions should be read in conjunction with the General Terms & Conditions. If there is a conflict with the General Terms & Conditions, the General Terms & Conditions take precedence over the Silverstone Woodlands Campsite Terms & Conditions.

11.2. The Campsite reserves the right to alter the Silverstone Woodlands Campsite Terms & Conditions at any time. Please check back regular for changes.

The Silverstone Woodlands Campsite Terms & Conditions were last updated on 19/10/2018.



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