This time of year would normally see the full team working flat-out to deliver another incredible Silverstone Classic event. While the picture in 2020 looks a little different, our reduced team worked incredibly hard to bring you: The Online 30th Anniversary Party.

Over the weekend of what would have been our 30th anniversary event (31 July – 2 August), for your entertainment we put together a weekend of archive content from past Classic events to share with you across YouTube, bringing to life an online celebration of the last 30 years. 

Over the weekend, the below programmes were released on You Tube in line with the timetable shown. 

You can also help our official charity, Alzheimer's Research UK, drive a cure for dementia here: https://alzres.uk/silverstone-classic

The Online 30th Anniversary Party Timetable

Friday 31 July 

  • From 19:00 (1h17)
    • Stuart Graham and Nick Wigley talk to Louise Goodman about how the event first came about and its evolution
    • Tiff Needell catches up with Simon Hadfield, Ian Nuthall and Duncan Rabagliati – all three raced at the first event in 1990 and continue to do so today
    • The Mulberry 100 mile race for Historic Grand Prix Cars from the inaugural event back in 1990
    • Our celebrations of the Mini's 60th anniversary in 2019 with footage of the parade and one of last year’s races from the Saturday of the event
    • Louise Goodman talks to Ian Titchmarsh about his highlight races from the last three decades of commentating at the Classic
    • We close out with Alzheimer’s Research UK and some Fun Run memories

Friday's Programme


Saturday 1August

  • From 09:00 (3h30)
    • Tiff Needell and Louise Goodman present a programme that includes the following highlight races:
    • Masters Historic Formula One race, 2014
    • HSCC Thundersports race, 2019
    • Can-Am Interserie Challenge, 2016
    • Our celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of Nigel Mansell’s Championship win with the Williams FW14B, 2017
    • Celebrity Race, 2012
    • HSCC Formula 2 race, 2019
    • Formula Junior race, 2011
  • From 11:00: Silverstone Classic Live Online Auction (with a break at 14:45 - 15:00). Access the Silverstone Auctions Friday sale here: https://www.silverstoneclassic.com/onlineauction-saturday (please note this will only be active when the auction is live)

      Saturday Morning's Programme

  • From 17:00 (1h47)
    • International Trophy for Classic GT Cars (Pre '66), 2018
    • Group C race, 2001
    • Master Endurance Legends race, 2018
    • Bentley Centenary Race for Pre War Sports Cars, 2019
    • Our celebration of the live music performances of recent years

Saturday Evening's Programme

Sunday 2 August

  • From 10:00 (2h20)
    • Tiff Needell and Louise Goodman present a programme that includes the following highlight races:
    • Under 2-Litre Touring Car race, 2011
    • Epic highlight parades from the last decade with the Jaguar E-type, Ferrari F40, Porsche 911, McLaren, and Jaguar XJ220
    • Super Touring Car Trophy, 2014
    • Celebrity Race, 2017
    • Our celebrations of special moments in motorsport history
    • A tribute to Sir Stirling Moss
    • A look ahead to 2021 with Nick Wigley

Sunday Morning's Programme

Rocking & Racing

Live music line-up on Friday and Saturday evenings included  with all tickets